What We Do

Presently, the Iranian Cheetah Society is conducting various research projects on big carnivores and is a consultant for conservation of these vanishing creatures for the Iranian government. Meanwhile, it cooperates with international agencies planning to establish wildlife-related efforts in Iran. There is an increasing trend of publishing papers and books as a resul of investigations. Also, regulalr workshops and training courses are held to educate rangers and students about wildlife conservation issues.

On the other hand, with a backbone of nearly one decade of experience, our conservation education unit implements various public awareness attempts to increase people’s awareness in partnership with the Iranian Minstry of Education. In order to maximise our efficacy covergae, a professional documentary production unit has been established to produce wildlife movies to be broadcasted on the TV.

The ICS is based in Tehran with over 40 staff or volunteers and more than 800 members, all interested in doing their best to protect the Iranian wildlife or critical ecosystems, with a focus on cheetahs and leopards.