A New Cheetah Recorded in Toran Biosphere Reserve

A sign of hope for Asiatic Cheetahs

by pourmir
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A new image of a cheetah was obtained from the last check of the camera traps installed in the Touran Biosphere Reserve, which is a promising record. The spots pattern of this cheetah does not match any of the previously identified cheetahs, which means that it is either from the cubs that were recorded before the camera trapping by the society and there is no good image of them for identification, or we are dealing with a new cheetah. In either case, recording this image is very hopeful because if the cubs of the same generation as Helya and Telma are still alive and healthy, it means that they have been able to survive in a place outside the areas covered by the camera traps. If it is a new cheetah, it will certainly increase the hopes for preserving this species, as last year Mahatab, a female cheetah, and her cub were recorded for the first time in Touran. She is now outside of Touran in the north.
If more images of this individual are recorded in the future, we will get more information such as gender and so on.
P.S: By “identified cheetahs”, we mean adult cheetahs that have become independent from their mother and have images of both sides of their body.
Recording these images was financially supported by the Elite brand. Cameras were donated by Stichting Spots.

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