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ICS as Good Cause of September 2010

"Wildlife Extra introduced the ICS as Good Cause of Month in September 2010. As an invaluable internet source for wildlife news, the UK website...

Genetic Investigation on Caracals in Iran

Ranging across most of Africa and part of the Middle East, caracal is a medium-sized member of cat family. It occurs within majority of arid environments of central and eastern parts of Iran and is considered as the most ecologically studied lesser cat in the country.


A fantastic image of one of the Persian leopards recently photo-trapped in Bafq Protected Area was published as cover photo in IUCN

Capacity Building of Reserves Wardens

A training workshop was held in the city of Arak, west central Iran to enhance professional knowledge among game wardens and experts. Attended by around 30 people from various reserves of the region.

The Largest Camera Trapping Program in Iran

In order to monitor population of elusive cat species, the largest camera trapping project has been implementing in central Iran since December 2011. Simultaneously, four reserves are hosting nearly 100 camera traps for more than three months which is a unique trial comparing to previous efforts to monitor cat populations in the country.

Stop the Road in Bafq

Bafq Protected Area is now fighting for its survival as one of the main environmental challenges of the country is threatening the area. As usual like many other protected areas in the world, a road is planned to be developed through heart of the reserve.

Following successful experience of Cheetah Theater during past year, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is now developing a new theater for an endangered species, the Persian leopard.

Close Encounter with Bears

A special feature on Iranian brown bears has been covered in recent Hamshahri Sarzamin-e-Man, a monthly magazine with vast public audience. You can read exciting stories about several years studying the bears in different parts of Iran written by Bagher Nezami, the ICS field biologist.

Cheetah Festival for Local Hunters in Kalmand

Local hunters in Kalmand Protected Area, central Iran attended in a half-day festival in the city of Mehriz. Organized by Yazd Provincial Office of Iranian Department of Environment, the festival was opened by local high-ranking authorities to spread importance of wildlife protection to the local hunters.

10 Years of Wildlife Conservation

In 2011, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) celebrates its 10th birthday. Established in 2001, the ICS was launched by three enthusiastic students all committed to do something for the vanishing Asiatic cheetahs in Iran. The animal had a gloomy status at those years.