Winners of 2015 Yahya Prize unveiled at the award ceremony

The second Yahya Prize ceremony took place at Ezzatolah Entezami’s House Museum, Tehran, on the evening of July 25. Established by ICS in 2014 through a generous donation by an Iranian artist couple, Mojtaba Ramzi and Paridokht Moshkzad, the Yahya Prize recognises individual rangers who has suffered serious injuries to protect Iran’s wildlife and natural environment. This year the Award honoured six rangers from different provinces across Iran, who has been selected by the award committee through an intensive five-month effort.
The 2015 Yahya Prize ceremony was held in collaboration with University of Environment (UOE), Iran Environment and Wildlife Watch (IEW), and Zistboom Environment News Agency, and delegates from Iran Department of the Environment, Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project, Ezzatolah Entezami’s House Museum, Iran Wildlife Pictures Institute, and several Iranian NGOs and nature lovers attended the event.

photos by: Ehsan Janati

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