As the most
recent educational product of the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), an infographic
poster about Asiatic cheetah was published. Combined of “Information” and “Graphic”,
inforgraphics are increasingly becoming effective tools with a variety of educational
purposes that illustrate knowledge in a simple but comprehensive way for

While they
have been widely applied by different wildlife conservation organizations
across the world for various species, such an innovative method has been rarely
used in Iran. Accordingly, the ICS developed its first inforgraphic in
partnership with Inforgram Institute, an Iranian sophisticated center to produce
subjective inforgraphs.

Besides its attractive
layout, the ICS printed its infographic posters on used papers in order to
spread the word of saving natural resources. The cheetah poster was distributed
to celebrate 31 August, as the Asiatic Cheetah Conservation Day and more will
be shared with communities around the cheetah habitats in Iran. More carnivore
species are now subject to design new infographic posters. You can easily
download the poster here.

CHeetah Infographic-For Download Small.jpg