Cheetah Family Expands Range in Miandasht


    initiation of cheetah national monitoring program aiming to understand
    demographic status of the Asiatic cheetah in Iran, a family has been explored
    in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge, northeastern Iran composing of three cubs in
    summer 2012. During their first year of life, the cheetah mother and her small
    cubs patrolled a small area, limited to a number of water sources across the
    area’s core zone. After re-establishing monitoring camera traps since early spring
    2013 in the area, it was proved that despite high cub mortality of the cheetahs
    during their first year, the supermom was successful to raise her entire family
    to the second year. As approaching to the fall when the family is expected to
    be naturally split, the cheetahs are seen on camera traps in many parts of the
    area, indicating their significant range expansion.

    As the only
    evidence of cheetah breeding across entire Iran during 2012, the cheetah mom’s
    success is due to prey restoring in the area by the Iranian Department of
    Environment which doubled population of Persian gazelle, a favorite prey for
    the cheetahs in recent years. The cheetah monitoring program in Miandasht
    Wildlife Refuge is implemented jointly by the ICS and DoE in partnership with
    CACP and Panthera.

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