Who we are

Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization in order to save the biodiversity with the Asiatic cheetah as flagship species which is left only in Iran. The ICS is a sophisticated NGO devoted to save the Iranian “Big Five” Carnivores which are normally in conflict with local communities. It has been established in 2001 (registeration number 13640) and just celebrated its “first decade of biodiversity conservation”.


  • Investigation to find more on the ecology and status of large carnivores through an ecosystem-based approach;
  • Public awareness about the Iranian large carnivores and their associated biota through education mainly at the local communities;
  • Reducing human-large carnivores conflicts via implementing socio-economic plans;
  • Conserving the large carnivores in their natural habitats, particularly through public participation.


Due to lack of wildlife science on the Iranian species, particularly the Five Big, the ICS has focused a remarkable part of its activities on field investigations in order to apply its results to public awareness campaign among local communities. Accordingly, local applicable solutions are developed to reduce human-carnivore conflicts. Meanwhile, juveniles and youths are the main educational targets, particularly at local communities and should be satisfied to co-exist with them.



As the oldest Iranian NGO still active on wildlife conservation, the ICS has been recognized to receive various well-known awards, such as:

1.       National Environment Award (2005), Iran

2.       Future Conservationist Award (2006), UK

3.       White Rootser Award for Protection of Animals (2007), Iran

4.       Pasargad Award (2008), Iran

5.       Future for Nature Award (2009), Netherlands

6.       Cinema Verite (2009), Iran

7.       The Outstanding Iranian Champion (2010), Iran

8.       International Fajr Film Festival (2010), Iran