Khorshid: The Everlasting Hope of Turan

by pourmir
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Khorshid (The Sun), has managed to successfully raise all four of her cubs until early November. She is a record holder for successful motherhood among cheetahs in Iran, having given birth to three healthy litters. Khorshid is one of the main hopes for the continuation of cheetah reproduction in the heart of Turan. Unfortunately, we have no evidence of  “Harb” reproducing this year, although it is her turn to do so.

The safety of Khorshid’s habitat is the primary reason for her success, and we owe this to the sacrifices made by the park’s Rangers.

Khorshid, record holder of Asiatic Cheetahs females

Two weeks ago, a ranger at Touran National Park, spotted a family of five cheetahs. Although the footage quality was not sufficient to identify the mother, we believed this was the Khorshid family. Khorshid (AKA Talkhab) is a female cheetah who was born in 2016 and has had three successful births so far. She was only recorded once by cameras last winter.

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