Iranian Cheetah Society Releases Triennial Report on Wildlife Conservation and Asiatic Cheetah Conservation

Iranian Cheetah Society Releases Triennial Report For 2021-2023

Wildlife Conservation in Iran

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The Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of Iran, has published its triennial report for the period of 2021-2023. The report provides an overview of the activities and projects undertaken by the ICS, highlighting key achievements and challenges in the conservation of the Asiatic cheetah, the Persian leopard, and their habitats.

Some of the notable accomplishments of the ICS include:

  • Monitoring the population and breeding of the Asiatic cheetah, the flagship species of the ICS, in the Touran Biosphere Reserve and the Miandasht Wildlife Refuge, using camera traps and field surveys.
  • Launching the “Safe Cheetah Passage” campaign to secure the Tehran-Mashhad highway, which has claimed the lives of several cheetahs due to road accidents.
  • Exploring the potential corridors and habitats for cheetah movement beyond the protected areas, through the “Explorers of Hope” project.
  • Examining the conflicts between the Persian leopard and humans in the Tarom-e Sofla region, and proposing solutions to reduce the damage and dissatisfaction among local communities.
  • Participating in a workshop with the Department of Environment and other stakeholders to increase the capacity for the conservation of the Persian leopard and its habitats.
  • Implementing various initiatives to improve the water resource management, such as installing wind pumps, hiring water rangers, and designing new water troughs for wildlife accessibility and safety.
  • Supporting, training, and equipping over 50 rangers in the field, by providing essential gears, vehicles, food, health and safety equipment, and educational workshops.
  • Publishing a book on education, outreach, and public participation for wildlife conservation in Iran, based on the experiences and lessons learned by the ICS.

Asiatic Cheetah Conservation

The report also acknowledges the generous support of the sponsors, partners, donors, and volunteers who have contributed to the progress and sustainability of the ICS. It concludes with a glimpse into the goals and challenges for 2024, emphasizing the need for international cooperation and investment to secure the future of the Asiatic cheetah and other endangered species in Iran.

The digital version of the report is available for free download below.

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