Explorers of Hope Project

Over the past decade, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) has monitored protected areas where cheetahs are known to live. Unfortunately, the results of their monitoring have been alarming, as they have observed a decrease in the cheetah population in all studied areas. In some areas, there have been no new cheetah births, while in others, the mortality rate is higher than the birth rate. Recent studies have estimated that there are less than 40 cheetahs left in Iran.

In response to these concerning estimations, the ICS has decided to search for cheetahs in free and less studied areas, rather than only focusing on protected areas. The “Explorers of Hope” team is a part of this effort, as they work to find new cheetahs in areas that have not yet been surveyed.

The ICS is hoping to identify more cheetah individuals in the country and is attempting to observe and report all evidence about cheetah presence in Iran with the help of national contributions and public participation. The Explorers of Hope group began their work in the spring of 2020 and publicly releases functional and financial reports periodically.

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