Explorers of Hope Follow the Trail of a Cheetah in a Rural Area

by pourmir
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Last week, we received a report about the sighting of a cheetah by the residents of Kalateh Sadat village. We, who were working in Touran, went to the site with the rangers as part of the “Explorers of Hope” project and talked to the person who had filmed the cheetah. The calmness of the animal and its reluctance to leave the area was a worrying issue for us.

After examining all the evidence, it seemed that the animal had hunted in the same area where there were plenty of gazelles, and that was why it did not leave the place. The rangers of Touran and the experts of the Department of Environment of Miyami city also arrived in the area and we accompanied them.

Considering the lack of further sightings of this cheetah, we hope that it has moved away from this road.

Two important points should be mentioned: Mr. Mousavi emphasizes in the video that the cheetah is weak. We do not see anything suspicious in the video. Generally, people who are not familiar with the physique of the cheetah think that the animal is sick and skinny, while this body shape is part of the evolved anatomy of the Asiatic Cheetah.

The video quality is low and the image is not identifiable. However, considering the proximity of the point where “Mahatab” was recently filmed, we guess that this cheetah is Mahatab. Watch the video report (in Persian) on our YouTube channel.

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