Asiatic Cheetah Infographic Poster

The Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) has been using infographic posters as an educational tool for the past few years. Combining “information” and “graphic”, these posters act as innovative educational tools for a variety of conservation-oriented purposes, illustrating knowledge in a simple yet comprehensive way for the public.

While such methods have been widely adopted by different wildlife conservation organizations worldwide for various species, they have been rarely used in Iran. Therefore, ICS developed its first infographic in partnership with Infogram Institute, a sophisticated center for producing subjective infographics in Iran. In addition to its attractive layout, the ICS printed its infographic posters on used paper to spread the word about saving natural resources.

The cheetah poster was distributed on August 31st to celebrate Asiatic Cheetah Conservation Day, and more than 15,000 posters were shared with communities around the cheetah habitats in Iran. The poster is now available in 13 languages and can be downloaded below. It contains information on Asiatic cheetahs, including their prey, population, distribution, and threats based on data from 2017.