Rangers Program

Increasing motivation and empowering rangers have always been a priority for ICS. Therefore, the Ranger Program was started in 2014 to support the Park Wardens across the country. During the first year, the following activities were initiated:

  1. The Yahya award (Dedicated to the most outstanding Rangers across the country)
  2. The Yoozban award (Dedicated to volunteers and locals who had an impressive contribution to cheetah conservation)
  3. Provision of equipment

More than 50 rangers from all over the country, especially cheetah habitats were involved in the program and nearly 400,000,000 Rls were allocated for the activities during the first year.

in addition to the initiatives mentioned above, educational and skill development programs have been considered for the rangers across the country. These programs will be implemented in cooperation with the government’s Department of Environment.

You can find latest updates about the Ranger Program below.

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