Who We Are

The Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to protect the biodiversity of Iran. The Asiatic Cheetah is the flagship species of the ICS and is the only one left in Iran. This sophisticated NGO is dedicated to safeguarding the Iranian big carnivores, which are often in conflict with local communities. It was established in 2001 (registration number 13640) and has been working towards biodiversity conservation for more than two decades now.

Our Mission:

1. Conducting scientific-based research to gain a better understanding of the ecology and status of large carnivores.

2. Educating local communities and raising public awareness about the large carnivores and their associated biota in Iran.

3. Empowering and equipping rangers to improve their livelihoods.

4. Conserving the large carnivores in their natural habitats by engaging the public in wildlife conservation efforts.

Due to a lack of wildlife science on the Iranian species, notably the carnivores, the ICS has focused a significant part of its activities on field surveys and practical solutions. Accordingly, we work closely with rangers and park managers to investigate local solutions considering global experiences. Meanwhile, juveniles and youths were always been the primary educational targets, particularly in local communities, and should be satisfied to co-exist with them.



As the oldest Iranian NGO still active in wildlife conservation, the ICS has been recognized to receive various well-known awards, such as:

  • National Environment Award (2017), Iran
  • The overall winner of the research categories and rare species, BBC Wildlife camera-trap competition (2014), UK
  • The Outstanding Iranian Champion for Nature (2010), Iran
  • Best Documentary, International Fajr Film Festival (2010), Iran
  • Future for Nature Award (2009), Netherlands
  • Best Wildlife Documentary, Cinema Verite (2009), Iran
  • White Rooster Award for Protection of Animals (2007), Iran
  • Future Conservationist Award (2006), UK
  • National Environment Award (2005), Iran