Water for Cheetahs Program

Iran is an arid country that is home to several endangered desert species such as the critically endangered Asiatic Cheetah. To protect these species, the managing authorities have implemented measures such as constructing artificial waterholes and improving natural water resources. One such significant habitat for cheetahs is the Miandasht Wildlife Refuge in the North Khorasan Province. However, the area suffers from water scarcity, which is a significant threat to the local wildlife. To ensure the success of this project, the Iranian Cheetah Society initiated a public invitation for charitable donations to enhance the water supply. The response from the public has been overwhelming, and the funds collected were efficiently utilized to supply necessary equipment, pay local assistant salaries, and maintain artificial water resources. The project continued in Miandasht for four years, leading to the development of a new program named “Water for Cheetahs,” which will address climate change consequences and seek solutions for the future.

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