September 2007- The first festival of Asiatic Cheetah Protection day was held on Friday August 31. During these events which was the innovative plan of Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) with corporation of environmental organization and some of the NGOs all over Tehran and 19 cities and villages, some nomadic and educational programs were held due to introducing the cheetah to public. With a minimum population of 70 to 100, the Asiatic cheetah is known as the Iranian cheetah inside its last stronghold. Considering this day as cheetahs day has the main aim of enlightening public about Iranian cheetah and it also boosts public awareness about such pieces all over the country.

Darabad Museum of Nature and Wildlife and Tehran Zoo were hosting the first festival of Iranian cheetah protection day in Tehran. During the festival some governmental organization and NGOs such as ICS, the Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP), the Iranian Department of the Environment (DOE), etc held different educational programs such as movies, issuing pamphlets and posters, having some speeches for public about cheetah, educational games, holding painting competition, cheetah theater, etc. Finally, a joint statement was read in order to support the cheetah in the country.

Some other educational programs was held in more than 20 cities and villages all over the country with corporation of provincial offices of DOE, local NGOs and enthusiastic people in Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashahd, Yazd, Bafgh, Zahedan, Abadan,  Jajarm , Choupanan, Tabas, Semnan, Taft, Semirom, Neyshabour, Eghlid and villages of Sheytour, Dolat Abad, Qotroom and Bajgan in Bafq Protected Area.

With respect to wide public welcome of holding programs, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) plans to develop a central secretariat in order to organize and boost holding the Asiatic Cheetah Protection Day in coming years and invites all organizations, societies, and persons who are willing to corporate in this field all over the country.


Statement of the Asiatic Cheetah Protection Day

 It has been 13 years since the day when a rare young cheetah was rescued from an unavoidable death .public has been scared of the young cheetah and her family. Their fear originated from their unawareness, maybe if they had known that the cheetah was not a threat to them and their livestock, and if they had known cheetahs