The first encyclopedia of the Iranian wildlife was published by Talaee Publication Co. with close scientific cooperation of the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS). Focused on the Iranian vertebrates, this colorful handbook was published in 367 pages in May 2009 as a result of efforts of more than 10 Iranian zoologists, mostly from the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) and 22 wildlife photographers for nearly three years. The aim of this book is to introduce the rich biodiversity of country to public in order to increase knowledge on the Iranian wildlife.  The encyclopedia of Iranian wildlife was published in Farsi and negotiations are ongoing in order to publish an English version for the next year to share the magnificent richness of the Iranian wildlife with the people worldwide. Beside scientific literature presenting in this comprehensive handbook, role of each species of wildlife in Iranian culture and poems are also mentioned in order to give a deeper perception to readers. Below some layouts of the handbook are presented.