Sand Caspian seals show was held to celebrate International Year of Biodiversity in Babolsar, northern Iran. A total of 15 seal statues were constructed during a festival at the sea shore.

Mojtaba Ramzi, ICS volunteer who designs animal statues professionally, developed the seals based on New Art approach to attract visitor’s attention toward the endangered status of the Caspian seals in the region. As the only mammal in Caspian Sea, the seals have experienced a severe decline in number during the past decade, mainly in northern sea. However, they are subject to regular killing by local fishermen in south at the Iranian shores.

Caspian seal group was successful to increase people’s awareness about these creatures, as an educational brochure was distributed beside the festival. Interestingly, even most of local visitors were not aware that such a mammal exists in their shores, except some fishermen.

On the 2nd day of the festival, the statuses became destroyed due to wind and kid’s playing which indicated their fragile situation for the people. Ramzi added “our goal was to show the people how much the Caspian seals are endangered of extinction”. He won the festival special award due to emphasis on importance of biodiversity in his art designs.

The Caspian seal show was part of 2 days National Festival for Sand Statues in Babolsar in early August 2010.