Since October 2009, Anguran Wildlife Refuge in western Iran is hosting an ecological study on the elusive Eurasian lynx in Iran. Following assessment of the lynx status in the country in partnership of the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) selected Anguran as a pilot site to launch the first ecological research on the species in the country.

Camera trapping has been a principle research tool to capture the animals and 10 species of mammals have been photo-trapped during the first year. 2 species of Mustelids, including stone marten and common badger which are rarely captured in Iran have been recorded in Aguran. Moreover, 5 different individuals of wolves have been identified, including of 2 black animals, seemingly an indication of hybridization with dogs not long ago.

The Eurasian lynx has been seen a few times by the game wardens during the first year with the last report in October 2010 of a group of 2 animals near a herd of Armenian mouflons. Training workshops were held for the area