In order to spread wildlife knowledge among local people, community-based organizations are supported by the ICS in different parts of Iran. These CBOs are well-motivated groups to enhance people’s awareness about the wildlife, particularly the Asiatic cheetah.

Located in south Kavir National Park, Badroud is a small city where a local group is working as a volunteer environmentalist group. So far, the Badroud CBO has played a major role in holding a number of educational programs for the city’s as well as neighboring cities people which the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP), Shahid Rajaee Environmentalist Group and a number of local agencies have been its partners.

Kavir National Park is one of the main habitats for the Asiatic cheetah in Iran plus Persian leopard, caracal, sand cat, etc. However, the area suffers poaching mainly from southern human settlements and the ICS is extensively working to identify and empower local groups in various communities in this area aiming to promote cheetah conservation. Abouzeydabad and Mahabad were also educational pilots for local efforts during past year.


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