In 2011, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) celebrates its 10th birthday. Established in 2001, the ICS was launched by three enthusiastic students all committed to do something for the vanishing Asiatic cheetahs in Iran. The animal had a gloomy status at those years and the least hope exists among the most optimistic experts for its survival. Beside the Iranian Department of Environment (DoE), the ICS devoted itself to safeguard the cheetahs in Iran through two practical objectives, namely as research and public awareness.

As working hard through the time, the ICS captured new expertise and equipment and broadened its activities to cover Iranian carnivores, particularly Persian leopard, striped hyena, brown bear, and grey wolf. Accordingly, it has been conducting the first on ground research programs on the species and supported university students to investigate on these creatures. Also, educational plans were implemented across most of vast habitats of the cheetahs in Iran as well as other species. In order to be more effective, the ICS established documentary film as the third section to produce high quality wildlife movies in Iran to illustrate our unique biodiversity for people.

Now, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) has around 30 staffs and more than 300 volunteers in Iran. Also, there is well-organized international network of the ICS representatives based in the Europe and North America supporting us in Iran. We have the highest level of scientific equipment in Iran which can guarantee our hard and continuous efforts in the field. Meanwhile, the ICS has been regularly recognized to receive high-level national and international awards, thanks to severe attempts made by our staffs, volunteers and supporters.

However, the ICS is not happy when sees that almost no coherent is still exist from its generation, nearly all several dozen hundreds of Iranian environmental NGOs started at those years have been faded. We are hopeful to see our second decade of life with more NGOs working in Iran hands in hands to secure future of our biodiversity.

As the most internationally-known Iranian NGO, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is grateful to all colleagues, partners, donors and sponsors who recognized our passion to the Iranian wildlife and knew us as eligible to be supported. Despite of surviving in harsh and difficult environment, like where the cheetahs live, we are aware that we are now at start point, of course not fragile but robust. Ahead, we see a long way that we can be effective and any possible advice or contribution is highly appreciated. We