As 6th year of celebration, Cheetah Day Festival is going to be held since 6 to 14 September. However, 2012 event is held in a different way: It is an electronic festival which is hosted by many people’s PCs. Accordingly, in partnership with other Iranian NGOs, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is leading the initiative through launching a website wishing to educate at least 1000 Iranians about the cheetah. To do so, a website has been developed and a short film has been produced by the ICS film crew on below addresses. You are invited to visit the websites, download the film and share it with others to spread the word of the Asiatic cheetah in Iran as well as abroad. 

After holding for half-decade, the Cheetah Day Festival is the largest wildlife-based gathering in Iran which attracts huge media coverage on benefit of the critically endangered Asiatic cheetah. 31 August has been named as Cheetah Day in Iran which dates back to 1994 when a cheetah was rescued from unaware people after losing her mother with two siblings on a waterhole in central Iran. Since then, numerous educational programs have been organized in various parts of Iran so now a majority of Iranians are aware that their country is the last stronghold. In 2012, Due no Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran, the festival was postponed.


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