Community-Based Conservation

We are working with local people in different location in Iran to empower them against the socio-economic consequences of wildlife-related conflict. Our community-based activities conducted during the last decade have decreased human-induced mortalities of the Asiatic cheetah, as formerly poor knowledge and the lack of awareness was the main reason for killing the cheetahs by local people. We are working across the entire range of the Asiatic cheetahs in Iran, summing a vast area of over 60,000 km2

With a backbone of more than a decade of working experience with local communities, our conservation education unit implements various public awareness campaigns to increase people’s environmental awareness. We have developed novel approaches to spread the knowledge among local people, including educational theaters and documentaries which both have been highly welcomed by the Iranian community leaving with cheetahs and leopards. We also launch workshops and training courses for students and wardens for capacity building proposes.

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