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Head of Department

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Mohammad GaeiniMohammad Gaeini

Software Engineer

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Like other organizations that are concerned with public opinion, Iranian Cheetah Society requires a dynamic independent “Public Relations” department. We are trying to establish a true representation of ICS as well as maintaining a continuous relation with the public through the media and other means of connection. This department consists of different groups to achieve this goal.

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Latest News

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The Department Team

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Farnush Koochali

BSc Environment

PR Coordinator

Mahbubeh Shirkhorshidi

MSc Conservation

Social Networks Coordinator


Reyhaneh Tizmaqz

BSc Student

Members Coordinator

Pouyan Behnoud
MSc Animation

Graphic Group


Shirin Shayeste

BSc Environment

Website News Admin


Mohammad Gaeini

Software Engineer

Educational Tours Manager

محمد گائینی

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Amir Ali Bakhtiari


Instagram AdminBakhtiari


Sara Mohammadi

BSc Cellular & Molecular Biology

Workshops Coordinator