Finally, an adult Persian leopard was captured by camera traps in main core of Birk Protected Area in Iranian Baluchestan. The adult male was photo trapped on late May 2009 in southeastern Iran, close to Pakistan border. According to the images, the animal is injured on his right eye and it seems that he is relied only on left eyesight. Initiated since winter 2008, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) empowered local game guards to conduct Persian leopard surveys, particularly using camera trap. They were provided with a number of camera traps in order to set  with aim of Baluch nomads. Recently, an adult animal was captured outside the area’s main core zone which was a new evidence of vast range of the Persian leopards in the reserve. Based on photo traps as well local inquiries, there is no doubt that at least 5 Persian leopards live in Birk Protected Area where is supposed to be the main habitat of the predator in southwestern province of Baluchestan.