World Migratory Bird Day

by pourmir
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World Migratory Bird Day is the most important and largest day in the world to raise awareness about the importance of birds in nature. This year’s slogan for World Migratory Bird Day is concise and has only one word: “Water!”

Migratory birds depend on water and the loss of wetland ecosystems and water resources will mean the loss of the amazing phenomenon of bird migration, which is the guarantor and indicator of the health of their habitats.

In the images captured by the Iranian Cheetah Society’s camera traps, some common vultures, which are scavenger birds of Iran, can be seen using one of the waterholes in the Turan Biosphere Reserve. This image shows that water resources, although small and limited in desert areas, are of great importance for the survival of birds.

The Iranian Cheetah Society and the Avaye Boom Bird Conservation Society will soon cooperate to improve the waterholes in the protected areas under the supervision of the Department of Environment so that these waterholes will be more protective and conducive to the survival of birds and increase the accessibility of birds to human-made waterholes.

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