Despite of numerous disappointing news in the world of wildlife conservation; however, there is an exciting news of emergence of a new cheetah which plays theater. The cheetah was designed by the ICS Wildlife Theater Group as a part of long-term educational initiatives launched since establishment in 2001. Since last March, 15 volunteers were trained to be ready for upcoming opportunities to spread the cheetah knowledge.

The theater illustrates various aspects of the cheetah life for public and how different threats can endanger its survival. Poaching is on top for the theater with several stories on the scene.

The process was funded by PBNF/the Netherlands and it is planned to be implemented in more than 10 local communities around the cheetah habitats across the country. Early June, villages in southern Kavir National Park where are supposed to be active for poaching hosted the first local implementation, highly welcomed by local people. The ICS