Cheetah Theater Caravan started its expeditions to educate local hunters and herders about the cheetah and its biology in various habitats in Iran. After initial presentation by the ICS biologists, people watch the theater and then, they have opportunity to watch few more films and slide shows about the animals in their nearby areas. Meanwhile, local authorities give short presentation about importance of their area and how they would like to support conservation efforts. The first expedition was held in late November 2010 in central Iran. The cheetah theater is a joint effort between the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP) and Iranian Department of Environment and plans to cover most of local communities until the end of coming winter.


Station 1: Choupanan, Abbas Abad Wildlife Refuge

Attended by more than 120 students as well as adult people, the show was held inside one of the schools. Afterward, local game wardens talked about the cheetah for people.









Station 2: Kharanaq, Dare Anjir Wildlife Refuge

Dare Anjir is one of the most important habitats for the cheetahs in Iran where has been subject to occasional poaching in past. The ceremony was highly welcomed by more than 150 local people and benefited from lectures presented by Jalal Musavi, the area chief game warden.








Station 3: Robat Posht Badam, Dare Anjir Wildlife Refuge

The show was organized in the village’s mosque and representatives from the governor officially opened it. Local mining companies delegation as well as Yazd Department of Environment were present in the ceremony. Finally, a group of local youths joined the DoE as volunteers to help for protection.







Local governor representative opens the ceremony