Caravan of Cheetah Show arrived in Miandasht, northeastern Iran where is one of the most important habitats for the species in Asia. The Cheetah Show was performed in three main human settlements, namely as Sankhast town and Azadvar and Farashin villages. These communities are considered to have great interaction with the reserve, as they have a number of poachers as well as herders and shepherds who visit the area periodically. Miandasht is allowed to be grazed by around 15000 heads of livestock which are mainly from these communities and they visit parts of the area during winter. So, the educational program was designed to be before 2010-2011 grazing season to increase their knowledge about the cheetah and other wildlife species and to help them how to avoid any conflict with the carnivores.

Accordingly, three festivals were organized in three mentioned sites and all were hosted by local authorities. Local people including herders, hunters, farmers, students and authorities attended the festivals which each was officially opened by representatives of the Iranian Department of Environment (DoE). Meanwhile, a number of matches were held for students and a variety of educational materials were distributed among attendants. Finally, remains of recently poached gazelles which have been confiscated by the area