A special feature on Iranian brown bears has been covered in recent Hamshahri Sarzamin-e-Man, a monthly magazine with vast public audience. You can read exciting stories about several years studying the bears in different parts of Iran written by Bagher Nezami, the ICS field biologist. Population studies, behavior and life history of the largest carnivore of the country has been illustrated in the recent paper. Bagher has finished his master on the brown bears and has joined IUCN Bear Specialist Group.

The magazine which is so-called as the Iranian National Geographic is published on a monthly basis and features one species. So far, the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) has contributed to publish relevant papers on Persian leopard, Asiatic cheetah, grey wolf and now, the brown bear in order to spread knowledge on the species in the Iranian community.


Hamshahri bear files.jpg