Thanks to the support of wildlife lovers and the financial backing of Raees Café and Sein Café, all the required budget to hire two rangers in the Miandasht Wildlife refuge has been raised.
These two persons will join the current official rangers in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge for six months to patrol and monitor the area.
Miandasht is one of the most sensitive reserves for the conservation of Asiatic Cheetahs specifically at the golden time of the year, namely, winter and spring when the reproduction of cheetahs is occurring. However, the entry of livestock and herder’s dogs threatens their situation. In addition, Yargholi, the known male cheetah of the reserve was killed in a road accident a few months ago. Therefore, the importance of increasing human resource and developing the protection plans of the area seem essential.
Iranian Cheetah Society hopes to continue the procedure with the help of those who concern to Iran wildlife and extend the contract of these ranges in the area.

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