In order to have a clear plan for the members of the Iranian Cheetah Society, WildLife trips announcement for October 2014- April 2015 has been published. Amongst these special plans, activities such “the last chance to meet to Koishki in MianDasht and Delbar in khar Turan National park, cruise to Kani Barazan wetlands, looking for the Iranian cheetah in Tandoureh National Park, visiting the less known coasts and islands in the south of Iran- Mond, croiusing in one of the most important habitats of Iranian cheetah in Bafq, a tour to the beautiful and wonderful desert around Tabas, recline in a house without electricity and water from qanat in Nayband trip, watching hundreds of hawks and observing thousands of starlings in raptors site, boat riding, watching birds in Miyan Khor in Khuzestan tour etc.

row activity province Special attraction Implemntation date Lasting for
1 Bashgoel protected area Qazvin Deer and hog 17 Oct 1 day
2 Khar Turan National park Semnan Cheetah, Persian Onager, Houbara Bustard, Pleske’s ground joy 23 & 24 Oct 2.5 days
3 MianDasht national Reserve Northern Khorasan Cheetah, Deer, Houbara Bustard, Eco- tourism 21-30 Oct 3 days
4 Naybandan WildLife refuge southern khorasan Looking for Cheetah footprints, obsolete villages and Eco- tourism 3-7 Nov 5.5 days
5 Kuh e Sefid Raptor site Qom Hawk, Griffon Vulture, Sarllings 14 Nov 1 day
6 Kani Barazan Wetland West Azerbaijan Birdwatching, White Stork and camping next to the wetland 20 & 21 Nov 2.5 days
7 Sems kandeh and Mainkaleh wetland-peninsula Mazandaran All sorts birds of Gorgan Gulf, red deer, Persian Fallow Deer 4 & 5 Dec 2.5 days
8 Tandoureh National Park Razavi Khorasan Cheetah,  Mountainous nature in winter 11-13 Dec 3.5 days
9 Mond Protected area, Nayband National park, Helleh protected area, Nakhilo Islnads Busher Less seen coast of Persian Gulf, Jashk salt dome and uniques southern islands 23-26 Dec 3.5 days
10 Bojagh National Park, Amirkelayeh Wetland Gilan all sorts of birds and camping aside the wetland. 8 & 9 Jan 2.5
11 Shadegan Wetland Khuzestan Habitat forests of Persian Fallow deer, Arabian Oryx, Boat riding, Birdwatching 10-13 Feb 3 days
12 Bafq protected Area, Ariz hunting prohibited area Yazd Looking for Cheetah footprints, unique hills and desert, checking the sir tracks 26 & 27 Feb 2.5 days
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WildLife tours Calendar WildLife tour information website: Features and requirements of each trip will be published in particular announcements and news will be spread by SMS and Email for the members and the website ( gets updated with news for other devotees. The Iranian Cheetah Society with the aim of make all of its members and other devotees to acknowledge the WildLife and nature of Iran by various tours to national parks, protected areas and WildLife refuges. The activities were started since 2010 and were done frequently and well supported by the members of the society. It should be noted that revenue made from these trip are to be spent directly on the protection projects for Iranian cheetah Society.