A variety of reporters from the Environmental associations and other medias invited by the ICS visited Koishki, An Iranian Cheetah living in a semi captive situation.
The aim of this tour held with finance given by the ICS, was to acknowledge the news academies with plans and activities accomplished for the Iranian Cheetahs as one of them is on track in MianDasht Nature Reserve by the Iranian Cheetah society with the financial support of Iranian Newsport Department.
Visiting the “cheetah lasting” project that consists of visiting the Society’s camera traps, new made water bowls (also known as watering places), visiting the Iranian Cheetah’s habitat and etc were in society’s schedule for the delegates of the social medias in this tour.
Reporters also got to know about the requirements for keep the cheetah in the semi captive situation, problems for cohabitation and the current situation of the nature rangers.
Not only that but a component of weaknesses and problems such as water supplying, non normative road making and roads crossing the natural habitats of cheetah and lack of knowledge of local citizens /villagers about the importance of this carnivore’s presence in the life chain were explained and mentioned to these reporters.

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