New pictures from the Iranian Cheetah Society’s nation-wide cheetah monitoring program show the coalition continuously photo-trapped in Dare-Anjir Wildlife Refuge since 2011. The three brothers, named as “Ardalan”, “Ardavan”, and “Arsalan”, were first recorded with their mother in Siah-Kouh National Park, Yazd province, in 2010. Since then, the coalition has established itself in Dare-Anjir and has been recorded several times in different locations.


Ardalan in Dare Anjir Wildlife Refuge

Interestingly, a new male has been photo-trapped recently in the area. This male, named as “Homino”, seems to follow the coalition and has been photographed with at least of the male cheetahs from the coalition.


Homino in Dare Anjir Wildlife Refuge

Iranian Cheetah Society runs the second phase of the nation-wide cheetah monitoring program in collaboration with Yazd Department of the Environment and Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project. The program launched in August 2015 and is expected to continue in a number of key cheetah reserves during this fall.

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