The training workshop on “Participation of local communities in the conservation of habitats and conflict resolution strategies between humans and wildlife” was held in the presence of experts of the Iranian Cheetah Society and at the invitation of the Department of Environment of Qazvin province in the governorate of Qazvin on 3 January 2019.
Many villages in Qazvin province, such as East and West Alamut, Tarom, etc., have less than amicable interactions (conflicts) with wild animals in the region such as leopards, wolves, bears, and boars. In light of this, the QazvinDepartment of Environment, by inviting experts from the Iranian Cheetah Society, made the effort to investigate these non-amicable interactions (conflicts) in this workshop attended by local community representatives to find solutions and strategies of resolution.
In this workshop, attended by the governorate authorities from all levels and authorities of the Islamic Councils of all villages in Qazvin province, issues were raised by the experts from the Association concerning cooperation and participation of the local communities in the conservation of the habitats.
In the end, it was decided for the experts of the Society to collect and compile all the information provided by local authorities in a report to be presented to the General Directorate of Department of Environment of Qazvin province to inform them of existing issues and adopted strategies by the indigenous communities.


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