Habitats of Khorasan Razavi province have always had confirmed reports of the presence of Asiatic Cheetah. Data on the presence of this species have been recorded in areas such as Bardaskan, Khaãaf, Taybad, and Sabzevar counties in recent years. These data were intermittently recorded over the years, making it difficult and impossible to make conservative plans. In order to design a propitious program in the province, it is necessary to conduct field studies in a scientific and continuous manner.
Therefore, a meeting was held earlier this month with experts from Khorasan Razavi DoE and the ICS, and aspects of cooperation were discussed. According to arrangements, the ICS will carry out new studies in this province as part of its program to conserve northern habitats of the Asiatic cheetah. in a more integrated way with the companionship of experts from the DoE. Certainly, collecting scattered data from other cheetah habitats will help to increase knowledge about the unstable situation of cheetahs in Iran. This is a goal that the ICS is pursuing within the framework of the “Explorers of Hope” project.

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