Since 2014, ICS launched the “Water for Cheetahs” program to tackle climate change impacts on Asiatic Cheetah habitats.
During these years, we hired a person to supply water for throughs in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge. Camel-proofing and maintenance throughs were other initiatives by ICS to fight the drought.
We know local people’s knowledge as a valuable source to enhance conservation efforts. Conservationists who seek local solutions made the most notable impact in preserving biodiversity and landscapes.
Considering this fact, we constructed 12 dams in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge during 2019. These dams intended to control seasonal floods and keep freshwater for months after winter. This water not only can be used by wildlife directly but also will strengthen vegetation behind the dam. Meanwhile, controlling floods will decrease erosion. Locals currently use this method to grow more vegetation for their livestock.
Starting the Fall, we noticed that most of these dams need maintenance to keep them working during Fall and Winter. Therefore, ICS hired a wheel loader to repair all previously constructed dams plus three dams built by locals in the past.
Meanwhile, 30Km of dirt road inside the Refuge is leveled by the loader.
This project has been funded by Stichting SPOTS, our partner in the Netherlands.


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