Iran’s 12th International Environment Exhibition was held between 19 and 22 December 2012 in Tehran which was attended by various Iranian NGOs, including Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS). Welcomed by visitors, the ICS experts presented information about latest status of the Asiatic cheetahs in Iran and provided various educational materials. “How many cheetahs live in Iran” was the single most dominant question being asked by the people, due to recent debate in the Iranian media on the species population status, raised based on ongoing camera trapping efforts ICS is running in multiple cheetah reserves in the country. The exhibition was visited by many high-raking Iranian authorities, including a number of ministers and DoE’s head. The Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is grateful to many volunteers and staffs who were actively involved in the event, particularly Yasaman Hasanbeygi, Mahmoud Maleki, Morteza Pourmirzaei, Kaveh Hobeali, Ehsan Bahrami, Fatemeh Hemmati, Marzieh Dehghan, Sara Asgarnia, Hasti Akbarzadeh, Amirali Bakhtiari and Ehsan Bahrami.




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