The Asiatic cheetahs live in arid environments in Iran which have experienced severe drought during past couple of years. However, a wet fall is witnessed in majority of the cheetah habitats recently so at least three heavy rains have been occurred. Despite high importance of rainfall for the cheetah’s preys, ongoing camera trapping efforts now the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is conducting in different areas are facing troubles due to frequent floods. So far, at least 12 camera traps have been lost and/or destroyed in the floods across multiple areas which is a great risk to continue the program.

Camera trap locations are chosen based on systematic surveys and local guards’ knowledge based on years of experience; however, unexpected fall rains in 2012 have surprised everyone. Undoubtedly, we are hopeful that such rain would contribute to make the year ahead a productive period for the critically endangered Asiatic cheetahs in Iran.


Naybandan Arash before flood.jpg

Naybandan Flood.jpg

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