The newest captured photos by camera traps in different areas of Iran, represents the diverse food menu of the Iranian carnivores. By now various pictures of the Caracal, Rüppell’s fox, Blanford’s fox (Vulpes cana), Wolf and Hyena were taken in different areas of Iran which demonstrate the hunting and scavenging actions of these animals on other mammals.

The ‘National Monitoring of the Asiatic Cheetah Program in Iran’ which got started by the Iranian Cheetah Society with the collaboration of wildlife departments in different states of Iran has been running since mid 2011. This program dedicates a great amount of information to researchers and scholars and based on that information; they can discover valuable new facts about the their lives and the ecology of different species. These discoveries and information can be used in order to figure out more about the situation regarding the different species of carnivores – especially the Asiatic Cheetah.


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