Yeskanews: The start of the second stage of the new Protective Program was informed by Massumeh Ebtekar. She asked the media and all the supporters of the wildllife to refrain from publicizing the news with extravagance in order to pursue this research in peace and harmony.
This project is under the supervision of Sean McKeon, a specialist in feline species, coming from Ireland.
The Endangered Species in Need of a Special Protective Program
Ebtekar emphasized that as the Environmental Bureau, they have responsibilities and one of the most important one is protecting different species. She added: Iran has a lot of different species some of which are endangered and in need to be protected by special means.

She said: right now there are a few centers caring and treating species such as Yellow Deer and Asian Zebra, also recently a lab for researching and protecting the Asian Leopards has been opened.

Koushki and Delbar are in good health and in specialized hands

The Prime Minister’s advisor pointed to his recent visit paid to this laboratory and center and also the initiation of two Leopards for means to start a new project, said: after much consideration and research, this project has been started and the International supervisor along with Iranian specialists have been overseeing all the different stages, from them being caught alive, transported and then freed. The two Leopards are in good health and are being taken care of by specialized veteran.Also it was announced that all the different stages of this project is being documented as it goes.

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For keeping the peace and assuring the success of this project, refrain from publicizing the news too much.

Ebtekar emphasized that the protection and treatment of these animals requires great care so to stop an overload of visitors, she asked the media not to reveal the location of the prpject.

She repeated again and again that a good ending can only happen with the cooperation of the media and people.

She then added: about the Black Bear and the Leopard, the early planning has been done and the announcement should take place in near future.