While Iranian cheetahs “National Soccer Team” are running in the Brazil’s World Cup, the cheetahs in hyper arid landscapes of Iranian deserts are suffering from limited water availability due to presence of feral camels. There are two types of water resources within Iranian desert reserves, natural springs and artificial waterholes which are regularly filled with tanker by the rangers in hot summer. Camels can drink huge amount of water just at once and then they play and destroy basic infrastructure of waterholes, resulting in water flow on the ground. We plan to resolve the problem through intensive consultations we received from experienced local nomads, by constructing basic metal structure just around artificial resources to allocate these limited water reservoirs for the cheetahs and their prey.  The camels still can meet their water needs from existing natural springs. Each reserve will cost around 1000 $ to ascertain camel-proof water resource and if you might be willing to support us to secure water for the cheetahs, please donate by click here.

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