After 18 month of camera trapping in Darband Ravar wildlife refuge, finally one of the big cats of this region was trapped in our pictures .since October 2012, more than 25 points in this region has been monitored by ICS and Ravar’s DOE’s office .on May 2014 in 2 points the pictures of leopards have been captured. Earlier wild cat and Caracal were photographed in this region. One of the pictures shows a female leopard but because of the different angel of the other picture, it is impossible to tell whether these are the same individual by comparing their moles. However it seems that although these 2 pictures were captured within 8 kilometer distance, they belong to the same individual. In 2007 one leopard was killed by car crash in this region.

Because of insecurity of this region, it is possible to investigate only small part of this region .therefore by cooperation of the safe guards and researchers 4 points of this area have been monitored in hope to capture Cheetah’s image. The leopard’s pictures in this area increased the anticipations to record the Cheetahs in future.

Ravar Leopard

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  1. It is excellent.Very beautiful leopard.I like leopard. You are amazing people that doing monitoring a protecting of persian leopards,iranian cheetahs,hyenas,wolves,bears and other wild animals

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