ICS and Qazvin’s DOE had signed an agreement in order to study the conflicts between humans and wildlife in the Tarom Sofla area. Identifying solutions and also propose management methods to decrease these conflicts are the aims of this agreement.

Persian Leopard Conservation in Tarom
Interview with local people

According to Qazvin’s DOE report, the ICS’s scientific and practical capacities were considered in solving these conflicts in the Tarom Sofla area. Identification type and impact of conflicts of wildlife on human life in the area, finding the reason for these conflicts, determine the priority of damages which were made by wildlife for human life, determine the solutions to decrease these conflicts with the help of locals and etc, are the purpose of ICS’s activity in the conservation area of the Tarom Sofla in 2021.
The conservation area of the Tarom Sofla is a good conservation habitat for Iranian leopards. Also, there are other spices like brown bear, lynx, wild goat in the area.

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