On April 26, 21th “WildTalk” seminar held at Entesharat Fanni Hall, Tehran. The event brought together more than 50 researchers, students, and nature lovers. Subject covered in this event was an introduction to wildlife veterinary, presented by DVM Iman Memarian. Iman is the Chief Veterinarian at Tehran Zoo and works at Iran Department of the Environment’s Animal Rehabilitation Center in Tehran as well.
The presentation started with a brief introduction of history of wildlife veterinary as a science and how it quickly developed to an essential part of all wildlife conservation programs in the world. Iman also focused on different specializations in wildlife veterinary and how a wildlife vet should interact with animals. Additionally, a short introduction to safe capturing and anesthesia of wildlife for research and management proposes was presented.
The WildTalk is a bi-monthly seminar focusing on different aspects of wildlife conservation and management in Iran, holding jointly by the Iranian Cheetah Society, Entesharat Fanni Publications, and Zistboom News Agency. Each seminar features presentations by one or two Iranian researcher who present their work to early-career students and other nature lovers.

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