Lichen diversity in Iran and snow leopard conservation in Afghanistan were presented to more than 60 Iranian biologists and students in the fifth Iran’s “WildTalk” seminar. Held on 26 January 2013 in Tehran, Dr Mohammad Sohrabi from Iran’s Industrial Research Organization lectured on his research findings about diversity of lichens in Iran and their application for various human usages. Afterwards, Dr Stephane Ostrowski from the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) presented results of an ongoing landscape conservation project in Afghan Pamir since 2006 which deals with various human aspects of conservation for benefit of the iconic snow leopard.

Organized by Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) in partnership with ZistBoom News Agency and Iranian Technical Publishing Company, Iran’s “WildTalk” seminars are held monthly to present two research papers on the wildlife, aiming to share expertise and experiences among Iranian experts and managers
for better nature management.






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