Iran’s butterflies diversity as well as application of habitat modeling to protect birds were presented to more than 30 Iranian biologists and students in the 7th Iran’s “WildTalk” seminar. Held on 5 May 2013 in Tehran, Alireza Naderi, an Iran renowned butterfly expert from Iran’s Department of Environment introduced briefly Iran’s butterflies, comprising of 400 species, including 70 endemic species which indicates high diversity of insects in the country. He also alarmed about adverse impact of human activities on butterfly diversity. Then, University of Tehran’s associate professor Afshin Alizadeh presented his speech on habitat parameters of birds and how these models can promote species conservation.

Organized by Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) in partnership with ZistBoom News Agency and Iranian Technical Publishing Company, Iran’s “WildTalk” seminars are held monthly to present two research papers on the wildlife, aiming to share expertise and experiences among Iranian experts and managers for better nature management.





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