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Persian Leopard Newsletter No. 6

"Finally, the last issue of Persian Leopard Newsletter was published in May 2011. The newsletter was continuously compiled during 2010 as “Year of Leopard”...

Persian Leopard Newsletter 5

"Fifth issue of Persian Leopard Newsletter is released. You read the following topics on the newsletter: Greetings from the Persian Leopards in Iran! Persian Leopard Food...

Human-Leopard Conflict Resolution in Iran

One year after the start of

The Oldest Ever Identified Persian Leopard in Iran

Recent camera trapping in central Iran indicates that an old Persian leopard roams in Bafq Protected Area, estimated to be at least 12 to 14 years. This adult male was first recorded by camera traps in late 2004 which was a prime individual at that time.

Snow Leopards and Lichens in Iran 5th WildTalk Seminar

Lichen diversity in Iran and snow leopard conservation in Afghanistan were presented to more than 60 Iranian biologists and students in the fifth Iran

Eleven Leopards Identified in Bafq

During a one year monitoring program in Bafq Protected Area in central Iran, eleven Persian leopards were identified, including four males and four females (two of them are accompanied by a single and twin cubs).

More Awards for “In Search for Persian Leopard”

"In Search for Persian Leopard” won two more awards in Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival in November in Iran, making it the most outstanding ever wildlife...

Leopards of Iran

"A report about Persian leopard in Iran has been published on web wildlife magazine, namely as Wildlife Extra. The report is accessible through the...

A Year for the Persian Leopard

"Traditionally Iranian culture has had a long association with wildlife which is evident within many traditional rituals. The “12-animals calendar”, inherited from the Mongol...

How Much Food A Leopard Population Needs Per Year?

Understanding food needs of carnivores, particularly the endangered Persian leopard is an essential topic among managers and experts. Effective conservation planning of predator