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Less than One Third of Bear Habitat in Lorestan Protected

The brown bear has not been properly investigated in Iran, particularly western country. According to the ICS recent surveys no more than 20% of Lorestan

A Busy Winter in Tehran Zoo

Past winter was busy for the ICS theater team which was actively running an outreach program to raise awareness about Persian leopard and Asiatic cheetah in the capital. Every weekend, the ICS theater team implemented two different theaters.

Saving Big Cats and Wild Dogs Campaign


Sharing Research Findings with Decision-Makers in Yazd

After one year of cheetah monitoring program in central Iran, research findings were shared with regional experts and decision-makers in order to be applied in protection measures. Game wardens, reserves authorities and university professors attended in a half-day workshop in Yazd .

Conservation Theaters in Tehran Zoo

Tehran Zoo hosts the ICS theater team during current winter to raise awareness about Persian leopard and Asiatic cheetah among visitors. Every weekend, the ICS theater team is based in the zoo to implement two different theaters, one targeting the cheetah and the other talking about the leopards.

Finding Cheetahs in Southeastern Iran

Southeastern Iran has been always supposed to hold the Asiatic cheetahs; however, no proper survey has ever been conducted in this part of the country to assess the species status.

Felids fighting for survival

Latest issue of Current Biology has published a feature on big cats conservation, namely as

Asiatic Cheetahs on Nat Geo Magazine

National Geographic magazine published extraordinary new images of wild Asiatic cheetahs in Iran in November 2012. Unlike to African cheetahs, Iranian cats are virtually invisible. Intensely shy, scattered like grains of sand over Iran

Partnership for Protecting Alamout

In order to increase local people

Sand Cat Featured in Iran

As one of the least known cats of Iran, sand cat has been rarely studied properly across its global range, including Iran. Recently,