After one year of cheetah monitoring program in central Iran, research findings were shared with regional experts and decision-makers in order to be applied in protection measures. Game wardens, reserves authorities and university professors attended in a half-day workshop in Yazd to exchange expertise and experiences based on intensive monitoring efforts they were involved. ICS experts presented analysis of the first year of camera trapping programs across various reserves in Yazd province on population of the cheetahs and the leopards, their prey and habitat requirements, etc.

Accordingly, it was concluded that around 2/3 of the cheetah identified during past decade in Iran have been confirmed in Yazd province. Also, patterns of sharing land between the cheetahs and other rivals were discussed. Since December 2011, a joint program has been launching in multiple reserves in central Iran by the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) and Yazd Department of Environment with collaboration of CACP and Panthera to explore various ecological aspects of the carnivores, including the critically Asiatic cheetah. Six reserves have been planned to host the program until summer 2013.

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